Sleep talk, a modern alternative therapy

It was a chilly Monday night 2 weeks after my second birth. I remember longing from all my heart to get two hours of sleep that night.

My daughter started to cough while sleeping. It was the fourth night in a row she was having a dry cough, that type of cough that led to vomiting and a feeling of suffocating. I woke her up and tried to calm her, giving her some tea. She ended up vomiting all over me and the baby. Her throat was aching big time. I text our homoeopathic doctor and asked her to come and see her in the morning. After a long examination and discussion with the doctor, there was only one thing to be done before going to the doctor: Sleep talk

If I told you that I treated my daughter’s dry cough without medication, would you believe me?

If I told you that fever/constipation/tantrums/ or any other emotional feelings could be treated without medication, would you believe me?

Sleep talk, a modern alternative therapy

The first person who mentioned this therapy was our homoeopathic doctor. Then I read about it in many books and articles. You can google ‘sleep talk’ and get enough results if you want to. But pay attention: there is a big difference between the American sleep talk method and the one I’m talking about. I assume that everyone who reads this will use their rational filter and think for themselves. I also believe it is unfair to benefit from free emotional techniques while refusing to share them with others, especially when moms in general spend a lot of money on useless medical treatments that lead to frustration and deception.


What exactly is sleep talk?

Sleep talk is that moment when you speak to your child while he or she is asleep and explain the emotional shock or conflict that has happened to them or to you and has a direct connection with the child. This therapy works best for young children, even newborns. It is very helpful for all the kids who take over their parents’ emotions and who cannot understand the big picture of the event in a normal face-to-face conversation while they are awake. The most interesting fact here is that parents need to have the courage to see and accept their emotions as well and also be available (open-minded) to speak to their children about this.

Sleep talk, a modern alternative therapy


The difference between sleep talk and manipulation is that as a parent you do not manipulate the child to do something. Sleep talk it’s about the way you speak to the child and what you tell him. The child should not be programmed to do anything. As a parent, just explain what happened and the conflict he or she went through, the emotions that were felt. You do not programme the subconscious mind to do anything and do not impose or instruct in sleep talk. Simply, the events are described as they happened.

Repeated affirmations are not used in sleep talk. You should talk to the child in the same way you do when he or she is awake.

When someone programmes your subconscious mind, you violate free will.

This is an example I used with my daughter:

‘Ingrid, I realize how difficult it is for you to accept your little brother at this time and I understand you. I know you probably feel less important these days. You are as important as your brother to me; I love both of you. We all wanted your brother to come, so he came. You don’t have to be jealous. I love you as much as I love him, and we are now a family of four.’


Things that need to be taken into consideration when using sleep talk:

  • By asking simple questions you need to discover the conflict and the cause of it (shock, fright, images, cartoons, words)
  • All you need to do is to comfort the child as you do it while he is awake.
  • You do not repeat anything as in hypnotism. One explanation is enough.
  • You whisper to the child, do not yell
  • You speak to him seriously and from all your heart, not emphasizing or exaggerating and not imposing your thoughts


After talking to the doctor, I realized my daughter was coughing because she was jealous of her brother. She couldn’t admit the fact that she was not the only one anymore and that she will share everything with her little brother. I said let’s give it a try, I don’t have anything to lose. So, it worked.

Sleep talk was the therapy that helped my daughter get rid of the dry cough and understand the emotion behind this.

Sleep talk, a modern alternative therapy

N.B. For all who read this article, I am not a physician. You are free to decide what is best for you and your family. This was what helped me and my family. I just wanted to say that sometimes there are other possibilities to help our body heal. We need to pay attention to our emotions listen to our bodies and discover the conflict.


You are what you’ve been looking for!




Andreea Grigoriu

wellbeing_champion coach

My name is Andreea and I am a well-being mum champion. I am a nutritionist coach, a gentle weaning off breastfeeding champion, homeopathic remedies & New German Medicine practitioner. I believe in magic and infinite possibilities. I am the lady behind the curtain at the Mum’s Champion Community group. Born and raised in Romania, I now live in the UK. I work with women to empower them live their best life after giving birth. I love to play my part in making their transition as smooth as possible to a new stage in their lives.

  1. Hello!
    About this subject. When addressing to our child in their sleep ,we do it once? Or how many times is needed?

    1. Thank You very much for your question, a very good one. When we address to our child we do it only once with short and simple word &phrases as is you were speaking face to face to him. We address one problem at a time not many topics of discussion because he/she will be confused. For one topic one time is enough

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