Give yourself a break

You may probably ask yourself what I’ve been doing lately. I’m telling you I did…NOTHING.

And it was amazing.

And still is.

I’m not talking about the daily routine like cooking, dropping and picking up kids from school, gym, shopping, and household support. I am talking about myself. As it’s only ME who matters.

I am the only person to take care of myself

I’ve realised if I am not ok, nobody around me is ok. You can shift the way you think, which in turn changes how you treat yourself and your body.

I took this opportunity for myself and gave myself the space I needed to do nothing just breathe and watch what is happening around me and with me, where I am in my journey, and what are my plans for the future.

Give yourself a break!

Give yourself a break! Relax

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I was disappointed by the way I was treated by a few of my so-called friends. I felt I was good for them only when they needed me and that was no real friendship between us. When I realised that and said ‘stop’ I was no longer invited for a coffee.

But you know what? I realised this was not their fault. There were my emotions that made me think and believe like that. It was something from my past that triggered and made me feel I was not enough, I wanted to please everyone and felt like I was always in competition with them.

Therefore, I searched and searched in my mind and I realised these feelings were mine and came from my childhood. I couldn’t accept the situation of being let down. I realised that and gave myself the space I needed to understand what was happening.

I slept.

I felt all the emotions that crossed my heart and lived with them.

I wrote letters to everyone that crossed my mind expressing my anger, and my frustration and thanked them for being in my life, luckily just for a short period. (writing letters is a very useful tool to let all your emotions go out no matter the way you address the people you wrote. I will explain this emotional release technique in a separate article)

Usually, much of the pain I experienced was self-created through my thoughts and beliefs about my circumstances. I then projected this suffering into the world as I often try to “fix it” by making changes or building walls outside of myself. Only when I accepted responsibility for my experiences and feelings I did learn I have more control over my life than I thought.

Healing is a process for a reason.

You are meant to go through it gradually and feel it all the way through. Not just to yank a piece of your heart out and be done with a chapter in your life. Living is about learning, and learning takes a fair bit of time. 


Relax, give yourself a break!

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Here are some of the self-healing affirmations I used:

With each breath I take, I am healing my body
My mind, body, and soul are healthy and strong
My positive thoughts and actions are the medicine for my health and body
Taking care of myself feels good
I deserve to feel healthy and vibrant
Every time I forgive myself, I create more space for love, happiness, and world change.

While forgiving myself won’t end global suffering or create world peace, creating peace within will better enable me to find and enact solutions to the larger problems we all face.

Healing myself creates a ripple effect across the universe, allowing me to help others heal, creating a changed and healed world. The same goes for you.

Letting myself be weak gave me strength.

Letting myself be confused gave me clarity.


Be the love you wanna receive,

Andreea Grigoriu

wellbeing_champion coach

My name is Andreea and I am a well-being mum champion. I am a nutritionist coach, a gentle weaning off breastfeeding champion, homeopathic remedies & New German Medicine practitioner. I believe in magic and infinite possibilities. I am the lady behind the curtain at the Mum’s Champion Community group. Born and raised in Romania, I now live in the UK. I work with women to empower them live their best life after giving birth. I love to play my part in making their transition as smooth as possible to a new stage in their lives.

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