I’m In Love, With Bucharest Summers

Since my last post I have not been able to write much, and it is because our family has a bit of a crazy “out-there” lifestyle.

I am a Mama of four, but I am also a traveling Mama as well. My husband and I have been traveling with our family (while growing it as well) consistently since the start of our life together in 2009.

Our newest adventure has taken us to the tourist hub on the southern coast of Portugal, Albufeira.

The intense part of being a Mama of a traveling family is the hectic times leading up to a big move. My last month in Bucharest, Romania was a laborious period, getting everything ready for our adventure to Portugal for the summer. In addition to planning for our other trips later this year, mapping out time in both England, Cambodia, and Romania. Packing, cleaning, travel plans, tickets, more packing, seeing friends, more cleaning, organizing, and of course still taking care of the four little ones!

Now that we are settling in to Albufeira, I can reflect on the craziness of the past months. I can sit back and fully enjoy not seeing travel luggage, piles of bags for donation, and the next cupboard or closet needing organized!!

The rewards of traveling outweigh the stresses of this lifestyle 110%!

Being able to show our kids new cultures, countries, people, and sights all around the world is worth every single coffee-overdosed, late-night, exhausting moment preparing! My husband and I (and even the kids too) often talk about our previous travels, the things we love about those places, and the people we have been able to meet and become very close with. We have not left a new country, city, or town, without making a new friend for life.

Bucharest, Romania was not our first “home” when we moved to Europe in 2012. However, I have to say that it was the first place I feel in love with. After leaving Romania the first time I longed to return there and we did return in 2015, for an even longer stay. Now that we have once again left one of the places in Europe we call home, it is a big “See you soon!!” not a “Goodbye”. We travel, and we move, but the atmosphere, the great opportunities, the friends and family we meet, are never forgotten. They draw us back to them, we return to the places we love.

We love Bucharest for many reasons, but one thing I can’t stop thinking about is that

I LOOOVE Summers in Bucharest!!

We left for Portugal before Summer really kicked in. So, I will tell you some of the things I enjoyed, and will surely miss, about kid-friendly Bucharest in the Summertime!

No reason to stay indoors.

Mama of four- summer in bucharestThough the summers are intense, and quite hot, they are also gorgeous! There is plenty of shade in the parks, plenty of green spaces (especially in my favorite sector, Sector 3!!!) and loads of watermelon and ice cream to cool you off! The energy is contagious, and it calls you outside into the streets to explore. Even while pregnant with three kids, we would get out even just to walk for awhile.

Parks, parks, parks

brancoveanu park mama of fourThe kids and I lived in the parks almost all summer! Sometimes a small trip to a nearby  park and other days we went on a full day adventure to one of Bucharest’s larger parks. I could easily pick a park to cater to whatever the kids felt like doing on any particular day. Whether they just felt like running the green grass, or going on big slides and plastic playgrounds, or looking at monuments, playing in water, walking around lakes, sand boxes, etc. Options were endless, and I was a supermom for it!!!

 Festivals and events galore.

mama of four - summer in bucharest

AMAZING!!!! One of my absolute favorite things about summer in Bucharest!!! Events and festivals were an occurrence I had no idea about when moving to Bucharest. Tons of free activities to attend, and they are happening all the time! I would be surprised if you couldn’t find an event or festivity that didn’t make you want get out and have a blast!

Some of our best-loved were the Living Statues International Festival,  where you could walk the park and see dozens of mini theatre performances and artists. The kids had the greatest time at this park event, and so did I!

Also B-Fit in the Street, another spectacular b fit in the street mama of fourtheatre experience, stretching through the streets of Universitate. With wild stilt performers, acrobats, living statues, and so, so much more.

There were also culture specific festivals too, one we visited was the Turkish Festival & Bazaar. The kids got to watch Sufi Whirling Dancers and taste Turkish street food.

Some of the best times were the spontaneously attended events, when we would see a banner on the street, or a promotional flyer and decide to go! These and more were definitely a big highlight to our summer!!


Museum of natural history mama of fourThere are all types of museums in Bucharest, just a google search “Bucharest museums” and your options are numerous! We visited some, and there were even more on our list that are still to be checked off!

At The House of Experiments (Casa Experimentelor), the kids were able to go multiple times, they asked to go back too many times to count! It was in the start-up phase when we went, so entry was free as long as you reserved a spot in advance.

Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History, and The National Museum of Art of Romania, were other ones we went to more then once. National Military Museum was a fun trip, with an airplane “graveyard” and a great timeline of the history of flight and the progression of flight technologies. military museum mama of four

The National Geology Museum was such a great way to have kids learn and enjoy themselves. Younger kids will like the tens of thousands of rock samples and gorgeous crystals, and kids that can read or be read to will learn so much about the earth’s history and detailed explanations of the chemistry, makeup, and geological changes of our planet. There is so much to see, you have to go again and again to be able to see everything you missed the first time!

The walkability/metro

Getting around Bucharest is wonderfully easy, even with three and a half kids in tow.

Between buses, trams, subways, taxis, and walking nothing is off limits.

It is worth the time to familiarize yourself with the public transportation. The city is filled to the brim with vehicles, but in our experience, getting around Bucharest is easy and cheap enough without a car. The terrain is also rather easy on foot if you are big walkers like us, we have chosen to simply walk the city instead of hopping on a bus or tram when we have the time to spare.

So, if your own adventures bring you to Bucharest, Romania, or if you are there already, I hope you enjoy it to the fullest! Go out, do some searching and find some great fun this summer!

 I am Caitlyn, a constantly moving mom of four kids. Ages, 6.5, 5, 2.5, and 5 mo. old. Since the amount of kids exceeds the amount of hands I have, my reality is doing 5-6-or more things at the same time. I am finally coming to terms with the fact that I cannot slow down time or add hours to a day. I can’t do the million and one things I want to do or that I feel need to get done.

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